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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Friends of The Far North Line AGM at 1215 on 27 July 2009


Apologies - Keith Farquharson, Peter RJ Hardyman, Arran Aird, William McLeod, James MacKie, Mr & Mrs Duncan Stewart, Jamie Stone, Andrew Wright, Geoffrey Hinder, John Melling, Colin and Rosemary Ainsworth, Alasdair Cameron

Minutes of 2008 AGM (previously circulated) were agreed.

Matters arising - none.

Convener's Report (see September 2008 Newsletter )

Membership Report - 169 members with 7 community councils

The Accounts were circulated and adopted, having been previously modified to show extra detail of expenses incurred by the Convener. The modified accounts will be sent out to all members with the September newsletter.

Election of Office-Bearers:
Chairman. Mike Lunan nominated John Brandon (seconded by John Thurso). There being no other candidates, John Brandon was elected Chairman.
Secretary. There being no other candidates, Gavin Sinclair was elected Secretary.
Membership Secretary. There being no other candidates, Angus Stewart was elected Membership Secretary.
Treasurer. There being no other candidates, David Start was elected Treasurer.
Newsletter Editor. There being no other candidates, Roger Piercy was elected Newsletter Editor.

Election of Two Committee Members:
Anne Sutherland was nominated by John Brandon and seconded by Bob Barnes-Watts,
Iain MacDonald was nominated by Stewart Campbell and seconded by Roger Piercy,
Richard Ardern was nominated by Roger Piercy and seconded by John Brandon,
Bob Barnes-Watts was nominated by John Brandon and seconded by Roger Piercy.
Anne Sutherland and Iain MacDonald were elected to the Committee. Richard Ardern and Bob Barnes-Watts were co-opted onto the Committee.

AOCB - John Brandon gave a vote of thanks to Mike Lunan for his chairmanship since November 2005. On behalf of FoFNL, David Start presented Mike Lunan with a gift.

Meeting closed at 1235.