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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Friends of The Far North Line AGM at 1230 on 31 May 2010


Present - Richard Ardern, John Brandon, Giles Baker, Bob Barnes-Watts, Daniel Brittain-Catlin, Stewart Campbell, Alasdair Cameron, Alex Colley, Pamela Draper, Mrs Hurst, Dick Langridge, Mary Langridge, Iain MacDonald, Angela MacLean, David Martin, John Melling, Mike Lunan, Roger Piercy, Frank Roach, Robert Scott, Gavin Sinclair, Neil Sinclair, David Start, Angus Stewart, Janice Stewart, Anne Sutherland, John Thurso.

Apologies - Alastair Christie, Janetta Christie, Arran Aird, William MacLeod, James Mackie, Mr & Mrs Duncan Stewart, Anne-Mary Wharton, Richard Morris, Frank Faulkner, Gordon Pettitt, Les Turner, Ian Budd, Keith Fenwick, Mrs A Parrott, Mrs Hart, Iain Jamieson, Oliver Rackham, Geoff Hinder, Laurence Draper.

Minutes of 2009 AGM (previously circulated) were agreed.

Matters arising - none.

Convener's Report

Membership Report - 174 members with 7 community councils


The accounts presented for the year ending 31st December 2009.

The overview of the year provided another good set of accounts and a busy one like the previous year in terms of activity.

Receipts being in line with expectation and to note that our interest from our Treasurers account being only £1.58 in interest received.

On a personal note I would like to thank Roger Piercy for his superb editing and production of our newsletter.

The year in question being in surplus to the value of £218.29.

A number of invoices were received past the cut off for the year end to include Rail Future which will be included in the 2010 accounts. The entry for the Web site represents two years invoices.

I have expressed the view that all genuine costs related to the running of FOFNL should be submitted for payment consideration.

Our investment bonds continue but the interest available on reinvestment is considerably less than when these were invested. A small matter of the exact yearly interest available on one bond is being investigated to reflect in my view the correct figure.

We will keep a careful watch on costs and expenses but there is no immediate need to increase the membership fee.

I commend my report to the AGM for consideration and acceptance.

Election of Office-bearers:

Chairman. John Brandon was nominated by Gavin Sinclair and seconded by Angus Stewart. There being no other candidates, John Brandon was elected Chairman.
Secretary. There being no other candidates, Gavin Sinclair (proposed by Iain MacDonald and seconded by Roger Piercy) was elected Secretary.
Membership Secretary. There being no other candidates, Angus Stewart (proposed by Richard Ardern and seconded by David Start) was elected Membership Secretary
Treasurer. There being no other candidates, David Start (proposed by Angus Stewart and seconded by Anne Sutherland) was elected Treasurer.
Newsletter Editor. There being no other candidates, Roger Piercy (proposed by Angus Stewart and seconded by Mike Lunan) was elected Newsletter Editor.

Election of two Committee Members:

Bob Barnes-Watts was nominated by Richard Ardern and seconded by David Start;
Richard Ardern was nominated by Roger Piercy and seconded by Bob Barnes-Watts;
Iain MacDonald was nominated by Bob Barnes-Watts and seconded by Richard Ardern.
Richard Ardern and Bob Barnes-Watts were elected to the Committee. Iain MacDonald was co-opted onto the Committee.

AOCB - John Thurso and John Melling have both agreed to continue as President and Vice President respectively.

Meeting closed at 1255.