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the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

The RUS Rolls On

Network Rail's 2nd Route Utilisation Strategy for Scotland was published at the end of June. FoFNL spent some considerable time compiling two responses to the consultative draft. These were published in Newsletters 52 and 53. We cannot claim to be experts, but we are more than a little disappointed that none of our comments appear to have been taken on board.

There is no requirement for Network Rail to do this, even if our points had been "no-brainers." Having said this, there is now nothing which acts upon their previous Chief Executive's 2008 challenge, "We must find and exploit real opportunities to reduce journey times on the Far North Line."

We now have to rely on NR ensuring line speed improvements during scheduled track renewals or through the expected level crossing upgrades. We understand that there is plenty of partly used long welded rail removed from main lines which could see further service on the FNL. Faster track between Dingwall and Alness, and barriers for the level crossings at Bunchrew and Delny might be good places to start.