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Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Network Rail's Enhancements Delivery Plan

On 18th December, Network Rail published the Draft Delivery Plan for Control Period 5 (CP5) which runs from 1st April, 2014 to 31st March, 2019. As we have now come to expect, there is nothing north of Inverness. Into the Highland capital, there are details of route improvements from both Perth and Aberdeen, which we have outlined in our report on the new ScotRail franchise. Being considered are loading gauge improvements for freight between Elgin and Inverness but not beyond.

The Aberdeen to Inverness Key Outputs are:

The Highland Main Line upgrade planning is less advanced. The chief output requirements are:

It goes on, however, to define "hourly" thus: "A maximum interval of 90 minutes and a minimum interval of 30 minutes between departures from both Inverness and Perth is deemed acceptable within the objective of providing one train an hour." It goes on to tell us that station stops can be manipulated to permit this "hourly" service. All trains would call at Pitlochry and Aviemore and the minimum number of stops each way Mondays to Saturdays (excluding the sleepers) would be Dunkeld and Birnam (9), Blair Atholl (7), Dalwhinnie (5), Newtonmore (5), Kingussie (11, including East Coast), Carrbridge (5).

The document is in draft form and is subject to the necessary authorisation for release of funds. Should this be forthcoming, completion of upgrades is indicated for 31st March, 2019 in respect of both routes into Inverness.