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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Excerpts from "The Railway Magazine"

June 1955

On April 15, a special test train, weighing 425 tons, and including a Hallade track recording train, was hauled by a Stanier class "5" 4-6-0 from Inverness to Tain and back. The time allowed for the non-stop journey of 44 miles was 62 minutes northbound and 63 minutes southbound. Normally a speed limit of 43 mph is in force between Dingwall and Wick, but this was raised to 60 mph for the test runs. It will be recalled that for some time before the first world war the "Further North Express" of the Highland railway ran non-stop from Inverness to Tain in 65 minutes.

August 1956

"River Tay" [I assume a pseudonym for a regular contributor] writes that during the second world war the general speed limit between Dingwall and Wick was reduced to 45 mph, but was raised to 60 mph between Dingwall and Tain after test runs last year. With a view to raising the limit on other sections of the line, a special test train was run from Inverness to Wick on May 24, and back the next day. The load was ten vehicles (300 tons) and the locomotive a Stanier class "5" 4-6-0. The running time (exclusive of stops) for the 161 mile journey was 3 hr. 55 min. going north and 3 hr. 52 min. returning. Since these runs were made, a general speed limit of 60 mph has been brought into force between Inverness and Bonar Bridge, Golspie and Helmsdale and Georgemas Junction and Wick.

September 1956

Renovation of Inverness Station

Inverness Station is undergoing alteration and its exterior has been repainted. A refreshment room is being rebuilt, and office space on Platform 7 vacated by British European Airways is expected to be used for a tea bar.

January 1957

Shortest journey by Restaurant Car

The shortest station-to-station trip possible on British Railways in a refreshment car must be between Culrain and Invershin - less than a quarter of a mile - on the Tain - Helmsdale section of the Inverness to Wick line of the Scottish Region (former Highland Railway). Such a journey can be made twice daily in either direction in refreshment cars attached to Inverness - Wick trains between Inverness and The Mound and Helmsdale. It may be recalled that until January 1, 1917, the third class single fare between Culrain and Invershin was ½d.