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Obituary - Archie Roberts

Archie Roberts, for over 20 years the Public Transport officer of the Highland Regional Council and in retirement a member of the Rail Passenger Committee for Scotland, died aged 73 on 17th July. A former member of FOFNL, his first interest was the railway. Following a career in accounting with British Rail, he joined the HRC at its inception in 1975, serving as principal Transport Officer with it and the successor Highland Council through to retirement. He amassed an intricate knowledge of the transport needs of each local community, proposed new connecting links and held a detailed knowledge of rail, bus and sea services throughout the region. He played the key role in carefully preparing the case for the retention of the West Highland sleeper. His timetabling knowledge coupled with a quiet sensitive authority were later to earn him respect as the recognised Highland resident member of the Rail Passenger Committee for Scotland.

A courteous man whose life was founded in Christian faith, Archie Roberts was a long time Elder in the Church of Scotland. The death of his wife in 2002 came as a sore blow. He is survived by three sons.

Submitted by John Melling