scotland (4K)
The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Millburn Freight Yard survey carried out by Frank Roach on 6th August 2003

0500	JJA 15 Autoballasters stabled in road 5/4
			3 FIA Flats stored road 6
0500	ScotRail to Aberdeen on East line
0540	4H44-66104 Safeway yard arr-6xVKA 9x Swaps
0557	ScotRail to Aberdeen on East line
0558	Georgemas portion to north headshunt (3x swaps 5x VKA)
0600	Loco stopped in headshunt
0601	Propelling on No 2 reception
0604	Georgemas portion onto mainline
0605	Georgemas portion forwards to Rose St curve
0610	37416 ex road 4 forward to East headshunt
0612	37 picks up Inverness Safeway/Thurso
			Building Supplies portion of 4H44
0612	Kinbrace timber arrives on mainline
			via Rose St. 66114 21xOTA
0614	ScotRail to Tain (Safeway held at Rose St)
0616	Kinbrace propels into yard 
0618	ScotRail empty coaching stock (ecs) on mainline to East 
0627	Kinbrace stopped in A road
0640	Safeway + VKA to Highland Haulage yard-Harbour branch
0648	ScotRail to Edinburgh on South line
0650	37 with VKA off Harbour
0658	VKA van placed on loading bank for
			Thurso Building Supplies
0700	37 away
0741	ScotRail to ex Elgin on East line
0755	GNER to London on South line
0839	ScotRail to Aberdeen on East line
0908	1Z30 Securicor parcels arrives yard 67019 plus 4 NIA  
0912	Securicor commence run round on No 2 reception
0912	Sleepers through washer ecs
0915	67019 on No2 reception
0920	67019 Securicor from No 1 reception
			to terminal on A road
0922	Sleepers from washer via mainline to depot 
0925	67019 arrives parcels terminal
0943	Sleeper loco on main line ex Station 67xxx
09xx	Royal Scotsman ex Keith to Kyle via Rose Street
0945	ScotRail to ex Aberdeen on East line
0947	Sleeper loco into yard
1025	Kinbrace loco restarts 
1025	ScotRail ex Glasgow on South line
1027	ScotRail ex Wick arrives Welsh's Bridge
			and reverses into Station
1037	6H41 Freightliner 66608 plus 20 x PCA arrives
1037	Kinbrace train waits in B road
1040	ScotRail to Edinburgh on South line
1041	Freightliner by stops in No 2 reception by hut 
1041	Kinbrace propels back into Stone Road
1042	Kinbrace splits
1044	ScotRail to Aberdeen on East line
1046	Kinbrace train propels loaded wagons into timber
			siding leaving empties in Stone Road
1046	Freightliner runs round
1055	67019 plus parcels Securicor leaves terminal
1055	66608 propels cement in terminal 
1059	67019 + empty parcels into East headshunt
1100	67019 plus empty parcels pick up VKA on loading bank
			(Thurso Building Supplies)
1103	67019 couples up VKA
1105	67019 places wagons in road 3