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It's not just us that comment on the lack of comfort!

The Dingwall Community newspaper recently featured an article relating the contributor's experiences of train travel from Inverness to Newcastle.

The whole tone of the article was one of criticism starting with the problems of engineering works requiring them to be bussed for part of the way. Now we know these works have to take place and that ScotRail/GNER and Network Rail can't foresee floods etc. but the general public can be very intolerant of weaknesses in the railway infrastructure.

The next criticism was levelled at the lack of comfort and roominess with the embarrassment of having to juggle knee positions with your fellow passengers. On reaching Edinburgh she experienced a complete lack of help in locating the platform for the Newcastle train blaming platform staff and a lack of suitable signs and then to cap it all the train arrived 25 minutes late in Newcastle.

So here we have an article by a well respected correspondent giving Dingwall residents no cause to consider trusting the rail companies to provide a reliable service, and this in a community where there are at least 100 new homes to be built in the very near future.