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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Committee Meeting, 6th February 2010, Edinburgh

Present: John Brandon, Roger Piercy, Angus Stewart, Richard Ardern, Bob Barnes-Watts, Iain MacDonald, Gavin Sinclair

Meeting started 1 hour late following cancellation of the 1159 Perth to Edinburgh (the connection out of the 0918 from Inverness)

(1) Apologies
David Start & Anne Sutherland.

(2) Minutes from last Committee Meeting

(3) Matters Arising

(4)Membership Secretary update
178 members for year ending 2009. 3 community councils have renewed so far this year.

A number of members had sent their direct debit forms back starting deductions in 2011 but without including this year's payment. We felt that we had to accept the cost of postage by writing to them and pointing this out.

It had been suggested previously that we invite members to renew membership by internet banking. Banks have announced that cheques are to be discontinued a few years hence. One member of those who had sent in a Direct Debit form suggested that it would be much easier of he did renew by internet banking so we decided to use this as a test case.

(5) Treasurer update
DS prepared the end of year accounts in draft format to be checked by the examiner.

All known invoices paid.

Existing bonds will be reinvested for one further year.

Internet banking trial for members.

(6) 2010 AGMChris Green had been approached as a speaker but is unavailable. Bill Reeve has been asked. Inverness Town Hall is available on 31 May. Proposed timings 1100 start with guest speaker, questions and formal AGM before closing for lunch at 1300.

(7) Newsletters
the May newsletter will be our 50th and RP advised the committee on proposed content.

(8) Timetable issues
1752 Inverness to Kyle/Wick portion working is to be revised and JB is awaiting a response from Transport Scotland (TS) on the matter. No response from TS concerning Dunrobin Castle stopping patterns and seasonal opening dates. The 0620 Wick - Inverness was strengehened to 4 cars on Saturdays in December. This was on an 'ad-hoc' basis. For 2010 we will ask TS to do this on a planned basis.

1752 Inverness to Wick shows as a separate train from Dingwall. JB will advise TS to add correct associations into Train Plan.

(9) Publicity
Rail Press. Out latest PR re Lentran and capacity between Inverness and Dingwall was not well used. Perhaps over shadowed by other rail stories (level crossings and Dingwall derailment)

FoFNL could submit a petition to the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee relating to Lentran and increasing capacity on all lines to and from Inverness.

(10) Attendance at other Groups meetings:

FoFNL have been invited to Conon Bridge Community Council to discuss the re-opening of the station.

(11) Any other business
FoFNL Committee members will be meeting John Thurso MP at the House of Commons on 10 March

Archiving of FoFNL papers now complete