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Timber From Caithness and Sutherland

HITRANS is working with the Highland Timber Transport Group on a project to deliver a managed trial of timber haulage by rail between Caithness and the Flow Country of Sutherland through to Inverness in the summer of 2015.

This would deliver a substantial volume of timber from the sidings at Georgemas Junction and from the existing railside loading facilities at Kinbrace avoiding the need for big timber lorries to travel long distances on the fragile roads of the area.

The intended recipient would be the Norbord plant near Dalcross on the Inverness to Aberdeen railway line. Highland Council recently gave planning permission for a new oriented strandboard mill more than double the size of the existing plant. It is hoped that Norbord will once again lay down a rail siding to take timber directly into their premises.

You can view the document here. This also includes the latest on the proposals for the new station at Dalcross and an update on the new rail franchises.

Richard Ardern