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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

From the Newspaper Archives

Caithness Courier March 28 2007

The 1976 Courier had a bit of fun imagining what stories it might be reporting on 25, 50 and 100 years into the future.

2001 "With the delivery this week of their fourth Monorail locomotive, Express Deliveries will be running eight trips a day in each direction between Thurso and Inverness instead of six. Costing £1,250,000 each, the linear-powered cars have been running at 85% passenger capacity and 92% freight capacity for over a year on the 65-minute journey, well above the break-even figures, British Rail, whose network terminates at Inverness, have been watching the privately-owned project 'with interest' - and, no doubt, a little envy."

2076 "Departure of Thursday's London - Thurso rocket shuttle was delayed for 90 minutes while a fault in a fuel valve was traced and rectified. Passengers were not required to disembark, however, and the normal flight time of 17.25 minutes was achieved. The evening return flight was unaffected. A spokesman for the operators, Loganair Ltd., told the Courier: "This is the second time in five years that one of these valves has given trouble. We shall be making the strongest representations to the manufacturers over the reliability of this particular component."

Inverness Courier

"150 years ago."

Inverness and Ross-shire Railway

On Monday last the interesting ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the railway bridge over the Conon river, took place about half-past one o'clock in presence of a highly respectable assemblage of inhabitants of Conon, Maryburgh, Dingwall and surrounding district. About one o'clock the carriages of Seaforth and the Hon. Mrs. Stewart Mackenzie arrived from Brahan Castle. The party was received by residents, officials and workmen, who, having formed in line, conducted the ladies and gentlemen to the north pier of the bridge. Miss Mackenzie of Seaforth assisted by her sister, Miss Julia, placed a tin box, in a cavity of the foundation stone, containing coins of the realm and newspapers of the day.

Courier 8.11.1860

"75 years ago"

The Highland Railway War Memorial

In order to preserve the name of the Highland Railway and to commemorate the sacrifice made by the employees of the Company in the Great war, the Directors of the company, prior to amalgamation, laid aside a handsome sum, which has been invested in a trustee security, so that the interest therefrom may be disbursed annually in the form of money prizes to the children of employees who have attained the highest marks at the qualifying examination or control test, in each of the nine areas served by the railway.

Courier 8.11.1935