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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Minutes of Committee Meeting on 29 March 2008, Kirkcaldy

Present, Richard Ardern (RA), Iain MacDonald, Roger Piercy (RP), Mike Lunan (ML), Gavin Sinclair, Bob Barnes-Watts (BBW), Angus Stewart (AS), Janice Stewart (JS).

Apologies Anne Sutherland

1. Minutes from last Committee Meeting 8th December 2007, changes incorporated, as agreed and adopted.

2. Matters Arising:
Fares - RA written to John Yellowlees at First ScotRail re triangular-ticket Inverness/Edinburgh/Glasgow. ML letter of 26/10 to Bill Reeve at Transport Scotland. RA to write to Passenger Focus.

3. Convenor Report:
Letters to TS re rolling stock
Conferences in Edinburgh, Birmingham & London

4. Membership Secretary update: 136 + 3 new members.

5. Treasurer update: Up to date statement circulated by JS. Annual report audited, accepted. JS & AS unable to attend AGM. JS thanked for role as Treasurer and wished a pleasant retirement.

6. Winter meeting review and next year: Gordon Casely, 14 March, Inverness. 10 members attended. Callum MacLeod, 21 November. BBW to arrange venue. Details to be advised to Inverness depot staff and inclusion in next newsletter.

7. Newsletter items: RP gave a summary of items to be included.

8. Caithness reports - CTF & Dorlag updates

9. May 08 timetable change:
* RA to do TT book checks - done
* Inclusion of FoFNL details inside front cover - done
* Public differentials included in the Working Timetable.

10. December 08 Timetable change:
* to ask FSR formally for draft TT so we can promote the positives and maybe iron out any weak points during the current train planning spot bid process - awaited
* concern expressed about commuter times.

11. AGM arrangements:
* Saturday 28 June visits to Signal Room & TMD
* Strathspey Railway on Sunday 29 June - 1230 ex Inverness; 1445 ex Aviemore. If partaking on-board luncheon a deposit required by 15 June.
* social events
* AGM Lunch arrangements - Membership free to eat at own expense; Guests - Waterside. 4 guests + 4 Ctte members. Timings - start 1115 - 1300; 1445 - 1545.
* Iain Coucher (IC), Frank Roach, John Thurso, Nigel Harris (NH) will speak
* Appropriate gifts will be presented to IC & NH.
* ML to send to Ron Macaulay a briefing note for IC.

* to work with TS in improving ticket checks at Inverness
* derogation re 1752 from December 08 (2 guards to Dingwall thus onboard checks?)

13. Anti-social behaviour:
* future events (T in the Park)
* problems with new late night 2320 (FSO nights) Inv - Tain service
* FSR policy re passengers antisocial behaviour (drunks, music, feet on seats)

14. AOCB:
* Wifi on trains - Danny Alexander MP asked FSR to include Wifi on all trains.
* Conon - draft plans circulated. 8 parking spaces +1 disabled; road access improved; cycle lockers; platform shelter, lighting. 4 car platform.
* Website - FoFNL is very grateful to Ian Budd in his efforts creating a superb website for FoFNL.