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Controlled-Emission Toilets

Our campaign to have controlled-emission toilets fitted to the 158s during their refurbishment has gained wide support and favourable comment from those that can influence policy decisions with several questions and motions tabled in the Scottish Parliament. However, it has generated a lighter side to some responses which I am sharing with you.

Please do not let this distract you from submitting your letters. If you haven't witnessed the mess in the platforms then I refer you to our front page photograph where the discharge has been made by the fitters unblocking the toilets and not by passengers unable to wait until the train is on the move.

Letter to The Editor


Writing as a resident of Inverness station I was pleased to hear that a campaign has begun to stop human waste being discharged on to the railway tracks.

As some of you may know, I make my home by the buffer stops at platform 4 where I am well looked after by all the great First ScotRail staff.

We felines always cover our waste ... I like to keep the station tidy ... but it's getting more difficult to avoid yours when it's flushed on to the line from a train.

I hope these 'Controlled Emission' toilets can be fitted to trains so I won't have to pick my way around the station. It's not much fun washing my paws after stepping in this 'stuff'!

Many thanks,

'Diesel' the Cat,
The Railway Station