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Dornoch Firth Crossing - Again

Once again campaigners for the Dornoch Crossing achieved headline reporting when their cause was publicised during a debate in the Scottish Parliament in July.

I reproduce below the Press and Journal's "In brief" comment for 3rd July plus a response from FoFNL member Keith Harman to further stories relating to the Far North line.

Boost for Far North Shortcut Plan

A rail lobby group is seeking to capitalise on the support two MSPs recently gave towards the long mothballed plans to form a rail spur over the Dornoch Firth. The Railway Development Society (Scotland) has floated the idea of setting up a cross-party action group to press the case for the proposed 45 minute shortcut in the Far North line.

Research Officer Ken Sutherland yesterday said the backing of Highland MSPs Rob Gibson and Jamie Stone was welcome. The pair's support for the crossing emerged during a Holyrood debate on the Scottish rail network.

Dornoch Firth Crossing


With regard to the story (August 4) about the possible closure of the Far North Line, there was no mention by Ken Sutherland as to where the money for a Dornoch Firth crossing would be found. Money is hardly going to be available for this project when Glasgow and Edinburgh airports have still not obtained a rail connection.

Unfortunately, the railways are being starved of investment and a lot of the money earmarked for the railway development is creamed off by lawyers, accountants, consultants, director's perks, shareholder's dividends and so on.

Keith Harman