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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Letter to the Editor

231 Mackintosh Road
Inverness IV2 3UB

Your correspondent, Andrew McCracken is being unrealistic seeing the solution to being unable to travel between Wick and Glasgow or Edinburgh and back the same day, as the provision of faster trains. The only solution is to restore the overnight train service. There used to be a train from Inverness to Glasgow at 00.10 and a similar train from Glasgow to Inverness at 23.45. Both trains had connections to and from Edinburgh by changing at Stirling. They were discontinued about 5 years ago in the run-up to privatisation. The rush to cut train services at that time also saw the end of overnight trains Edinburgh - Plymouth, Edinburgh - Manchester Airport and Stranraer - London. It also saw the removal of seating accommodation on all Anglo-Scottish night trains, and the end of all night trains on Saturday nights. All these changes should be reversed.

Yours sincerely,
David Gallant