scotland (4K)
The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Committee Meeting, Inverness, 15 August 2008

Present, Richard Ardern (RA), Iain MacDonald, Roger Piercy, Mike Lunan (ML), Gavin Sinclair, Bob Barnes-Watts (BBW), Angus Stewart (AS), David Start (DS).

(1) Apologies
Anne Sutherland

(2) Minutes from last Committee Meeting
Agreed and adopted.

(3) Matters Arising

(4) AGM Minutes
After revision, minutes agreed.

(5) Matters Arising from AGM
DS to appoint auditor.

(6) Newsletter Items
RP advised content of September newsletter and articles to be included

(7) Membership Secretary Update

(8) Treasurer Report
DS updated the Committee on satisfactory situation.

(9) HRP Update
RA advised the Committee on HRP now HITRANS issues.

(10) Winter Meeting
Callum MacLeod, 21 November. BBW to arrange venue.

(11) 2009 AGM Arrangements
Helmsdale, July 2009 on a midweek day (Monday or Friday). Speakers have been invited and details will be in the January newsletter.

(12) Archive
RP to study records and documents with view to possible archiving of documents

(13) Climate Change Consultation
ML to draft a response

(14) December 08 Timetable Change
GS has spoken to Transport Scotland with a view to get the 1752 Inverness to Kyle/Wick service retimed as Wick portion will be on the rear and hence 11 minutes later arrival time to Tain and Wick. No response at this time. Services to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow retimed at Inverness changing connection times for FNL services

(15) Network Rail Response
ML to circulate final draft

(16) Cancellation Data
RP to update spreadsheet of train cancellations/delays and GS to study data

(17) Level Crossings
ML to draft a Level Crossings paper as an informed comment against recent press reports

(18) AOCB
Discussion re new stations at Halkirk and Evanton Concern at the reduction in BTP officers at Inverness.

(19) Next Meeting
13 December, Tain.