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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Minutes of Committee Meeting on 26 March 2011, Edinburgh

Present: John Brandon (JB), Roger Piercy (RP), Angus Stewart (AS), Richard Ardern (RA), Bob Barnes-Watts (BBW), Iain MacDonald (IM), David Start (DS), Gavin Sinclair (GS), Tony Jervis (TJ).

(1) Apologies
Stewart Campbell

(2) The minutes of the previous meeting
Proposed by Roger Piercy and approved by Richard Ardern. One minor change was recorded - changing the wording, replacing 'inserted' with 'requested'.

(3) There were no matters arising.

(4) Co-option of Tony Jervis onto the Committee.
This was proposed by David Start and seconded by Roger Piercy.

(5) Timetable issues:

(6) Conon
It was agreed that DS would lodge a Freedom of Information request so as to understand the costs and planning issues involved for the opening of Conon Bridge station.

(7) AGM
The 2011 AGM will be in Wick on Saturday 18 June. The agreed venue is the MacKays Hotel. Lunch will be served between 1145 & 1300 with an open meeting scheduled between 1300 & 1445. The guest speaker will be Kenny Scott, Engineering Director, First ScotRail. Other speakers will be Frank Roach and John Thurso MP. The formal AGM will commence at 1445. The AGM is timed around train times - 0706 from Inverness and 1600 from Wick. GS to finalise arrangements with the hotel.

(8) Newsletters
RP updated the Committee on the contents of the May newsletter. JB will write the Headcode. It is proposed that TJ be nominated Newsletter Editor at the AGM in June. IM agreed that his address would be the contact address, subject to being elected to the Committee.

(9) Membership
Current membership stands at 162 members with 3 Community Councils. 13 members have not renewed their memberships at this time.

(10) Treasurer Update
DS updated the Committee on the alternatives on increasing the membership fee. DS has also contacted a number of printer/suppliers that could possibly used for newsletter production after the retirement of RP.

(11) Attendance at other organisations meetings
BBW recently attended HITRANS Rail User Group meeting as well the HS2 consultation meeting in Glasgow.

(12) Scottish Parliamentary elections on 5 May
Ahead of the elections a brief high level paper shall be sent to all candidates seeking their support for service enhancements on the Far North Line. JB & GS will draft a paper; RA to supply candidate address details.

(13) Other
It was agreed that FoFNL would join Transform Scotland.

(14) Next meeting
The date of the next meeting was agreed to be 17 September. Venue to be confirmed.