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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator

Committee Meeting, 24th July 2010, Edinburgh

Present: John Brandon, Richard Ardern, Bob Barnes-Watts, Iain MacDonald, Angus Stewart and Roger Piercy

(1) Apologies
Gavin Sinclair, John Melling, David Start and invited guest John Ellis.

(2) Minutes from previous Committee Meeting
approved but absence of Financial Statement noted.

(3) Membership Secretary update
181 paid up members, 7 unpaid.

(4) Treasurer update
not available.

(5) 2011 AGM
Mackay's Hotel, Wick is booked for Saturday 18th June. The meeting will commence with a soup and sandwiches lunch to which members will be invited to contribute £5. This will be followed by presentations from John Thurso, Kenny Scott, FSR Engineering Director, and Frank Roach. The AGM will follow at 15.00.

(6) Newsletter
September issue contents beginning to fill up. RP will need to start reminding potential contributors of the deadline which will be the first week of September. Should be the usual mix of articles. RP informed the meeting of his intention not to seek re-election in 2011.

(7) Attendance at other organisations' meetings
RA and BBW reported on a HITRANS meeting in Fort William which was concentrated on freight. BBW reported on a HITRANS Stakeholder meeting held in Arisaig.

(8) Rail Safety response
Mike Lunan had requested the Committee's views on people's perception of safety on the railway. RA suggested that our individual responses were submitted by 14th August.

(9) Timetable Issues
We are no further forward with the rearrangement of the 17.52 so that the Wick portion is at the front. JB took the meeting through version 9 of the work that he and GS have been working on. The suggested timetable will be based on frequency with as close as possible clock face timing of departures. It is based on the use of 8 units. Various suggestions were made to be taken away and considered.

(10) AOCB
Reliability of Inverness 158s was discussed and compared with much better performance of similar units at Salisbury. Their mileage is much higher and they are worked much harder but fail far less frequently. Some concern was also raised at the condition of the Sleepers when they are released to service from the depot.

The disappointing response to our letters to Stewart Stevenson re. Conon Station and Lentran Loop was discussed. JB will follow this up.

Station adoption was discussed, RP will make contact with a possible contact for Ardgay Station.

The web site now has a counter displaying the number of 'hits' in the hope that we can judge the usefulness of having our web address on the pocket timetables.

The lack of a commuter representative on the committee was discussed and JB will touch on this in his "Headcode".

(11) Next Committee Meeting
Saturday 30th October, 13.00 Inverness, Crown Church lounge.