scotland (4K)
The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator


Several readers have suggested that an update of the list published in the September 2007 issue is now needed, so with apologies to those who have been struggling, here goes:

ABCL     Automatic Barrier Level Crossing Locally Monitored by train crew
AHB     Automatic Half Barrier - type of level crossing
AOCL     Automatic Open (level) Crossing Locally monitored
ATOC     Association of Train Operating Companies
BCR     Benefit/cost ratio. The financial benefit from every £1 of public investment
CET     Controlled-Emission Toilet
CP4     CP5 The 2009-14 and 2014-19 investment periods
CTC     Centralised Traffic Control
DDA     Disability Discrimination Act
DfT     Department for Transport
DRS     Direct Rail Services, a freight operating company
EARL     Edinburgh Airport Rail Link
ECS     Empty Coaching Stock
ERTMS     European Rail Traffic Management System - works with signals in the cab rather than at the lineside
FNL     Far North Line
FOC     Freight operating company
FSR     First ScotRail
GARL     Glasgow Airport Rail Link
GBRf     G B Railfreight Ltd, a FOC
GPS     Global Positioning System
GRIP     Guide to Railway Investment Projects. Network Rail investment process
GSM-R     Global systems for mobile communication - railway
HITRANS     Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (our local RTP)
HLOS     High Level Output Specification
HML     Highland Main Line (Perth to Inverness)
HMRI     Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate - transferred from H&SE to ORR
HRP     former Highland Rail Partnership
H&SE     Health & Safety Executive
HST     High Speed Train
HS2     Proposed high speed line from London to Scotland
InvAb     Inverness-Aberdeen line
KPI     Key Performance Indicator
LD     Light diesel
LX     level crossing
MAS     Multiple Aspect Signal
NR     Network Rail. Responsible for track, signalling and stations
ORR     Office of Rail Regulation
PF     Passenger Focus (the replacement for RPC)
PNB     Personal Needs Break
PPM     Public Performance Measure. Measures train punctuality and reliability
PSI     Points set indicator
RA5     Route Availability. Track strength measure
RAB     Regulated Asset base
RAIB     Rail Accident Investigation Board
R4G or RfG     Room for Growth (Scott Wilson Report)
RETB     Radio Electronic Token Block (signalling method used on FNL)
RIAC     Rail Industry Advisory Committee
ROGS     Railways and other Guided Systems (Safety)
ROSCO     Rolling Stock Owning Company
RPC     Rail Passengers Council (or Committee)
RPCS     Rail Passengers Committee for Scotland
RSSB     Rail Safety and Standards Board
RTP     Regional Transport Partnership
RTS         Regional Transport Strategy
RUG Rail User Group
RUS     Route Utilisation Strategy (Network Rail's planning document)
RVAR     Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations
S&C     Switches and Crossings. Track pointwork
SDO     Selected Door Operation
SLU     Standard Length Unit (6 metres or 21 feet) measures whether trains can fit in to loops and sidings
SoFA     Statement of Funds Available
SRT     Sectional Running Time
SQUIRE     Service Quality Incentive Regime administered by Transport Scotland with powers to fine ROSCOs for poor standards
SRA     Strategic Rail Authority
STAG     Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance. Measures affordability of new projects
STPR     Strategic Transport Projects Review. December 2008 priorities
TEE     Transport Economic Efficiency. Evaluation tool for projects
TEN     Trans-European Network System
Tier 3     A project development fund
TOC     Train Operating Company
TPWS     Train Protection and Warning System
TRUST     Computer system which gives a record of actual train running
TS     Transport Scotland
WCML     West Coast Main Line
WHL     West Highland Line
158     Express Sprinter units used on Far North Line
170     Turbostar units used on HML