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ScotRail Response to FoFNL Complaints

Steve Montgomery, Managing Director, ScotRail was invited to provide an article for this newsletter explaining the reasons behind recent poor performance as described in Richard Ardern's article.

Working hard to enhance performance on Far North Line

By John Kerr, Head of Timetable Compliance and Resilience, ScotRail

Our stated aims across Scotland include connecting people and communities, encouraging more people to use the train, and improving and extending passenger rail services.

Recent performance on the Far North Line has been disappointing and below the high standards we strive to deliver at all times.

I can assure you that we are working closely with Network Rail and Transport Scotland to improve the performance of services on the line.

We are very pleased with the popularity of the Conon Bridge services since their introduction, but it is also acknowledged that they have had an impact on timekeeping.

Due to the nature of the infrastructure on the Far North - single line with passing loops, small delays to one service can result in knock-on delays to other services.

This is clearly seen in recent trends, with performance worse in the evening as any delays throughout the day build up.

The position was recently exacerbated by driver illness resulting in cancellations.

Service provision is high on our agenda - across Scotland.

A comprehensive review of the Far North timetable is well underway to improve its overall resilience. I expect action to follow in the near future to enhance performance.

Watch this space for an update soon...