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The Friends of the Far North Line
Cairdean Na Loine Tuath
the campaign group for rail north of Inverness - lobbying for improved services for the local user, tourist and freight operator


Missed Opportunity

Extract from a letter from R J Bown FOFNL member from Helmsdale


Dear Sir,

I noted with interest, in the June newsletter that you would like comments from the members.

First I was shocked to read that the committee had no faith in the 'Dornoch Bridge Crossing' surely the most wasted opportunity in the north for decades. My second point is poor connections by ScotRail, it is only possible to use the Kyle line from the north for part of the summer season. Since the last train originates from Aberdeen surely it would be possible for the Kyle and the north train to run together from Inverness to Dingwall. I appreciate this would mean the north train would leave 45 minutes later. My suggestion would make it possible for people from the north to travel to Aberdeen and back in one day which would also benefit oil workers returning from Aberdeen to the north.

On a brighter note I am glad to note the proposed reopening of Beauly Station, this I hope is only the start.

I hope you find my suggestions helpful and I look forward to hearing any comments.

Yours faithfully
R J Bown

Cycling Matters

Extract from a letter from Mary and Dick Langridge, FOFNL members from Inverness


Dear Sir,

We recently enjoyed our first cycle ride from Plockton to Garve for some eight years. It was a warm, sunny day with a helpful westerly wind while at home in Inverness it had remained dull most of the day. We even had to seek out shade at picnic time.

Why were we able to do this? Because we could take our cycles on the trains with us at no extra expense. Our pocket was lightened to the tune of £38.20 yet we look forward to more of the jaunts we used to enjoy and, at the same time, happily contributing more to ScotRail's coffers again.

Thankyou to everyone who took up the matter with the railways and thankyou to ScotRail for (eventually) listening and reacting positively.

Yours sincerely
Mary and Dick Langridge

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